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If you are interested in enoturism, plan a visit to our place in the Alpujarra. You will be able to meet Juan Palomar and his family, founders of the winery, or Rosa Maria Pascual, the enologist. They will share with you their passion in producing fine organic wines from the estate biodynamnic vineyards.

Welcome to Dominio Buenavista

Our family owned and operated winery uses traditional methods in our new facilities to produce wines of exceptional quality. This is brought about by tending the vines with care during growth and selecting only the best grapes at harvest. As a result of grape selection and extreme cleanliness on the elaboration process our wines have some of the lowest sulphite content in the market.

Our Area

Our wines are unique because of the geographical area and climate. The bodega is situated in the province of Granada, on the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada in one of Spain's oldest wine regions: La Alpujarra – Contraviesa.